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Ex-voto - Mulberry Tree - #5971
Ex-voto - Mulberry Tree - #5971

This large early 20th century ex-voto (20 inches horizontal x 14 inches vertical) is dedicated to The Holy Virgin who saved Melquiades Arreola from near death after a fall from a Mulberry Tree.

Translation is as follows:

The 21st day of April 1904 it happened to the little boy Melquiades Arreola that he lay silent from a fall from a mulberry tree, and it was such an ugly fall that he remained as if dead, without moving. He was left without speech and it was thought he was only alive because of an occasional breath. In the course of his unconsciousness he was unable to move and yet he said "hail" to the virgin that she would grant him life, and to her is offered this retablo. For 15 days he was unable to move, to eat. He began to have some relief and to move but he was still unable to speak. But a lady began to cure him, but not even she had the hope for his cure. She feared she would see him die. She left from here believing when she would return they would be opening his grave. But it did not come to pass thus because the Holy Virgin granted him a favor, she began to alleviate him and completely restore his health. As a gesture of thanks this is presented in Taxinaroa, 27, May 1904. Pomposa Juares. 

In overall excellent, original condition. 

Provenance: private San Antonio collection.